10 Ways to Stay Social with Hearing Loss / Hearing Aids

Living with hearing loss or hearing aids doesn’t mean that all your social interactions have to stop. There are ways to stay social with hearing loss so you don’t have to miss out on fun times with family and friends for fear of not being able to hear or communicate properly. Instead, follow our 10 ways to stay social with hearing loss or hearing aids.

  1. Tell others how they can help you hear and communicate
  2. Identify challenges in a social situation and brainstorm how to resolve them
  3. Be upfront about your hearing loss and hearing challenges
  4. Be specific about the difficulties you have hearing
  5. Learn coping techniques
  6. Ask friends to go out at less popular times when it is quieter
  7. Rely on body language, lip reading, and gestures to help fill in the blanks
  8. Sit in a well lit areas away from speakers and the heaviest traffic
  9. Set up visual cues for friends who forget to face you or speak up enough
  10. Let your friends know how to help you best

If you have hearing aids and still find it challenging to hear and communicate in social situations, be sure to keep a detailed list of problems you incur and bring them to your audiologist. Your audiologist will be able to help you by adjusting the settings on your hearing aid to help you hear better in loud, social situations. The most important thing to remember is not to stop socializing because of hearing loss.

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