5 Items People with Hearing Loss Should Have

Living with hearing loss is not easy, but these cool gadgets can make it a whole lot easier.

Whether it’s you who has hearing loss, or a loved one, each of these is a great gift or household item for anyone who can’t hear as well as they used to.

  1. Vibrating Alarm Clock

A normal alarm clock just won’t work anymore for anyone who can’t hear well. These super smart devices are small and slip under your pillow. You won’t even notice it’s there until it tells you that it’s time to wake up.

The device connects to your alarm clock or a phone and vibrates gently to wake you when the alarm goes off.

  1.  Captioned Phone

If you still have a home phone, this is a great one. A screen on the phone captions all calls – in real time!! This is a federally funded service that works similar to captioning on televisions.

  1. WiFi Digital Doorbell

This great gift not only emits an audible sound, but also gives you a notification on your phone. You won’t miss another package or friend stopping by.

  1. Bedside Fire Alarm & Clock With Super Shaker

An important tool for your safety, this detects the sound of a smoke detector and goes off also. The shaking action wakes you and lets you know it’s time to get out!

  1. High Quality Soundbar or Speakers

Really high quality sound devices deliver clearer sound with less background noise. This makes watching television a more pleasant experience because voices and sounds are clear.

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