Allergies & Hearing Loss

As if allergy season wasn’t bad enough from just the runny nose, and watery eyes, you may not realize it, but allergies can actually cause hearing problems as well.

Your body reacts to allergens by producing antibodies that release histamines – that’s why we take antihistamines. That reaction creates the runny nose, watery eyes and congestion that we are all familiar with.

This excess mucus production can also cause your ears to feel full, impair hearing, and cause symptoms like vertigo. These symptoms are due to an accumulation of fluid and wax in the middle ear. This can block off the Eustachian tubes, causing temporary hearing loss.

Dr. Jones said: “Typically, allergic patients have complained of a symmetrical hearing loss and a sense of fullness or pressure. In most cases the hearing test shows a slight hearing loss and a tympanogram shows reduced mobility of the tympanic membrane. That means the middle ear has become inflamed.”

Allergies effect three different areas.

As mentioned above allergies can impact the Middle ear and block the Eustachian tubes.  Additionally, allergens can impact the Outer ear by causing swelling and blocking hearing.

The Inner ear is usually only affected in those who have Ménière’s Disease. Symptoms include pressure in the ear, hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus.

Wondering if allergies are causing your hearing loss? Have a professional check your hearing.

Hearing loss could be due to allergies, or it could be something else. We strongly suggest a hearing assessment ANY time your hearing changes.

The good news? Allergy season doesn’t last forever, and antihistamines help.

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