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Enjoy Music While Protecting Your Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss is a growing problem all over the world. Hearing loss at younger ages is increasing largely because of listening to music or other entertainment too loudly. We have compiled...Read More

Do Men and Women “Hear” Differently?

Many women have complained that men don’t listen, but we don’t believe that is true. There IS evidence, however that men and women really do hear differently. The first thing to note is that a stu...Read More

Tips for People with Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ears with no external cause. “Common causes of tinnitus include hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, poor diet, stress and high blood pressure” (source: http...Read More

Otosclerosis and Our Ears

What is Otosclerosis – and could I have it? Otosclerosis is a disorder that affects the bones of the inner ear in about 0.3% of the population.  Effects of this condition usually begin to cause...Read More