Are Your Devices Due for an Upgrade?

Once you have hearing aids, it is hard to remember what life was like without these valuable little tools. However, just as you lost your hearing slowly over time, there may be a similar, slow progressive decline in the effectiveness of your hearing aids. Hearing aids are an important investment and after a period of time, it may be necessary to upgrade them to keep your hearing optimal. Here are 6 signs that your hearing aids are due for an upgrade.

  1. Changes in Your Hearing Ability: Have you noticed that even with your hearing aids, you can’t hear as well as when you first got them? If so, please bring them in for an adjustment and we can evaluate if your hearing needs have outgrown your current type of hearing aid. In many cases, your hearing aids just need an adjustment to get you hearing great with them again.
  2. Changes to Your Lifestyle: If your home life or work life has changed and your current hearing aids no longer meet the needs to fit your lifestyle, it might be time to check out what new features are available to find hearing aids that fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.
  3. Ready for a Technology Upgrade: As with all technology, hearing aid technology is improving quickly. Chances are there are more connectivity devices and other hearing aid features available that can help you integrate your hearing aids into all parts of your life.
  4. In Need of Repairs: If your hearing aids have been having problems lately that need a lot of repairs or a major repair, it could be time to evaluate if a new pair of hearing aids is better than continuing to fix your old ones.
  5. Your Hearing Aid is Three or More Years Old: If your hearing aid is more than three years old, it is likely out of warranty and might be time to get a new one. No hearing aid will last forever, and you may choose to evaluate your options before you start to encounter any problems because your hearing aid is too old.
  6. Change in Your Insurance: If you have a new insurance plan or completely new insurance company, it is a good idea to review it to see what is covered in the way of hearing aids. It is possible that new hearing aids will be covered; and if not, you can explore what new financing options are available.

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