Gift Ideas for People with Hearing Loss


Christmas is just a few months away.

And birthdays happen all year. If you’ve got a loved one who is experiencing hearing loss, there is no better way to show them you care than to get them a gift that can help.

We scoured the internet and found some really cool, really innovative ideas that you might not have thought of, especially if you don’t have any trouble with your hearing.

8 Gift Ideas for People Suffering with Hearing Loss:

1) Gift cards to movie theaters that offer closed captioning.

If you can hear just fine, you don’t realize how hard it is to watch a movie when you can’t understand what they are saying. Not all theaters offer this – but we are happy to report that both AMC and Regal theaters have this option.

2) Vibrating Alarm Clock

Every once in awhile, you might sleep through your alarm. Think about how stressful that makes your day. What if it was happening EVERY day? This alleviates the problem by vibrating AND chiming.

3) Digital Doorbell

This cool new tech will alert you via your mobile that someone is at the door. It’s got a camera so you can see who it is – and decide whether or not you want to pretend like you just didn’t hear it…

4) American Girl Doll…with Hearing Aids!

This one is for the little girl in your life. The doll has her own hearing aids – which makes your little lady feel just wonderful. The American Girl dolls specialize in making custom dolls to match hair, eyes, etc – and this is one great addition to that roster.

5) Hearing Device Bling

This one is more for kids too. Decorating and making your hearing devices represent you is a great way for kids to feel more comfortable with themselves. Sparkles, stickers, etc – let them make it their own.

6) Sound Bar

The one thing we hear the most complaints about whilst watching TV is clarity. A really great sound bar will solve that problem and make it easier to understand for everyone in the room.

7) Anything that uses their other senses

Whether it’s food, or flowers – everyone appreciates getting a gift that they can truly enjoy. When your hearing is diminished, you lean more on your other senses. Gifts for hearing impaired people don’t always have to be about hearing.

8) A great hat

Hearing aids don’t like moisture, a nice hat – or umbrella – are great for the fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Giving gifts at any time of the year and for any occasion is a special thing. It helps your loved one know that you are thinking of them. Make sure you get them something both meaningful AND useful.

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