Halloween Safety Tips for Children with Hearing Loss

It’s that time of year! Ghouls, goblins, ghosts will soon be out wandering around residential neighborhoods collecting goodies.

Halloween is a super fun time for kids of all ages. The costumes. The candy. No one wants to miss out on the fun.

While it’s certainly fun, it can also be a time of stress for kid’s with hearing loss. If you follow our quick tips, your goblin can have fun and stay safe at the same time.

Keep your batteries powered up

Because trick-or-treating is usually scheduled for the evening, hearing aid batteries may be waning. Have spares handy so you can focus on fun. If you use rechargeable hearing aid batteries that you typically charge at night, bring batteries as backups.

What comes first the costume or the hearing aids?

If your child’s costume consists of makeup or glitter on the face or hair, or if your child needs hairspray, you should apply all of them before you insert hearing aids. Hearing aids don’t like face paint or chemicals.

Make sure the costume fits properly

Baggy or ill-fitting costumes present a fall hazard. Also, masks or wigs can interfere with hearing aids, so try them on before purchasing.

Your safety plan

Depending on your child’s age and where you go trick or treating, you may be escorting your child. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure you are still in eye-shot.

If another adult is accompanying your child, make sure that they are aware that your child has hearing loss and to make sure your child understood directions. Especially if the costume comes in contact with or interferes with hearing aids.

Although tweens and teens may not appreciate it, remind older kids not to walk alone and to be aware of their surroundings.

Most importantly…have fun!

It’s easy to stress about your kids being out in the world. But if you and your kids follow our tips and plan carefully, you can both have a really great time.

Your child’s hearing and safety is important to us

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