Hearables and Hearing Aids

As technology advances, so do hearing aids and their ability to connect you to your digital world. One area that is a developing hotbed for such technology is hearables. According to Wikipedia, the definition of a wearable (also referred to as smart headphones) is a technically advanced, electronic in-ear-device that is designed for multiple purposes including wireless transmission, communication, medical monitoring, and fitness tracking.

Hearables are NOT Hearing Aids

It is important to recognize that hearables do not replace hearing aids and are not FDA approved medical devices; but they certainly can work in conjunction with hearing aids to help you hear and communicate better while utilizing the latest technology has to offer. In fact, most hearables are labeled for non-hearing impaired consumers. However, it doesn’t preclude you from using them, especially in conjunction with your hearing aids. We can show you how to meld the two technologies together and get the most out of both.

What Do Hearables Do?

Hearables are an example of how hearing aid technology and consumer based listening devices are coming together. As listening to media through headphones or earbuds is growing in popularity, so is the idea that these devices that connect to the earphones can augment hearing. Of course, we have to warn you this doesn’t mean or shouldn’t be translated into turning the volume up. We previously covered on our blog ways to damage your hearing, and listening to media through earphone is definitely one of them.

Using hearable technology involves more finesse and technical aspects of helping you hear better aside from just “making it louder”. Some of the aspects of hearables include noise reduction technology, which has been available for years but now combines it with technology and options for customization that give users the power to manage their listening experience and continually adjust it based on the media, needs, and environment.

In the near future, look for more types of hearable technology to be added to our already existing robust connectivity products!

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