Hearing Loss Solutions for Watching TV

Watching TV should be relaxing and fun. But for some it can be a frustrating experience. Especially if you have issues with your hearing.

Do you wear a hearing aid – or are you worried about your hearing? Do you still find yourself having difficulty hearing the TV? Does it sound like the actors are mumbling or muffled? Are you constantly reaching for the TV remote to turn the volume up? If so, then you might benefit from one of the hearing solutions available for watching TV.

If you have ever had your hearing checked, you know that during the appointment with your hearing care professional, you probably discussed situations where hearing is challenging for you. One of the most common, yet difficult, listening situations for people with hearing loss is watching TV. Fortunately, there are many options available to improve the listening experience of watching television even if it is hard to hear.

5 Hearing Solutions for Watching TV with Hearing Loss

Stream directly from the TV to your hearing aid device.

Many new hearing aid models offer direct wireless connectivity. This allows audio to stream wirelessly from your TV directly into your hearing aid(s) with crystal clear sound quality, no time delay and frequency response. With this option, the volume is precisely calibrated to your hearing needs. Some hearing aid devices also have the ability to connect to your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. There are several different methods for wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to your television. You will need to choose the system that works with your specific brand of hearing aid. Be sure to talk to your hearing healthcare professional to find out what is best for you.

Wireless TV Headphones

These headphones give you a direct wireless stream from the television to your ears while eliminating any interference of background noises. One great thing about this type of product is that there is usually a volume control on the headphones that allows you to adjust the volume without affecting TV volume for other listeners. Wireless TV headphones are usually available in two styles: over-the-ear headphones and in-ear earbuds.

Looping Systems

A loop system is a magnetic field that is placed around the room or in a personal neckloop worn around the listener’s neck. It can connect to the audio output of the television set or pick up the sound coming directly from the television’s speakers. It works through the listener’s telecoil setting on the hearing aids to transmit the TV audio wirelessly to the hearing aids. The benefit of a loop system is that the hearing aids do not need to be wireless for it to function. They only need to be telecoil-compatible. This is especially helpful for those people with certain older-model hearing aids.

Wireless Audio Streaming Devices

Many hearing aids that don’t offer direct connectivity can still wirelessly interface with a TV via an audio streaming device worn around the neck which receives the signal from the TV, and transmits it to your hearing aid(s). There are a variety of ways to connect your hearing aid(s) to the television this way including  through frequency-modulated (FM) systems or Bluetooth connections.

Home Theater Sound Systems

These systems give you the quality theater sound from a single source, plus there are no external speakers or speaker wires. These come equipped with specialized speakers that generate a highly directional, narrow beam of audio to a targeted listener in a specific spot, delivering an immersive, 3D-like audio experience. Sound output can also be programmed to a user’s hearing loss for an improved frequency response personalized for the user.

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