How to Help Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

In the U.S. about 48 million American have hearing loss, however it is often ignored or goes unnoticed for a long while. This is because hearing loss happens gradually over time. In fact, the symptoms of hearing loss are often recognized by family and friends before they become obvious to the person experiencing difficulty hearing. What can you do to help if you notice your loved one has a hearing loss? Follow our tips below and feel free to reach out to us at any time that you need assistance or have questions.

Tips for Talking to a Loved One with Hearing Loss

  1. Be patient. It often takes some time for anyone to come to terms with losing their hearing.
  2. Offer to accompany your loved on to have a hearing assessment. You can even take part in “familiar voice testing” to see how well (or poorly) they can hear.
  3. Learn what can be done about hearing loss and see what the treatment options are first.
  4. Always stay positive, use positive language and remain calm. Speaking of positivity, check out positive effects of wearing hearing aids.
  5. Plan ahead for when it is a good time to speak. Choose a calming and comfortable environment.
  6. Hearing loss isn’t rare and it is on the rise. When someone understands how prevalent hearing loss is, it can make it easier to accept when they know they aren’t alone.

Do Your Research First

Arm yourself with information before planning to talk to your loved one about their hearing loss. The more you know, the easier this conversation will go when you have answers to some of the questions that might come up. Here are three things you should know:

  1. A hearing loss assessment is pain free and non-invasive. Visiting an audiologist or hearing care professional is the best way to determine if someone is experiencing any kind of hearing loss and to what degree. In addition to diagnosing hearing loss, we recommend solutions to help our patients hear well again.  Almost all types of hearing loss is treatable with the help of hearing aids. Learn more about what to expect at the first audiology visit.
  2. Learn just how hearing aids work; they are far more complex than just “making sounds louder”: Today’s hearing aids are advanced technological devices that amplify sounds but also do so much more; they help wearers connect to the world around them. There is no “one size fits all” hearing aid. We work with our patients to find the right hearing aid for them. The hearing aid that is chosen is then molded and programmed to fit the listening needs of that person.
  3. Tough love  is sometimes necessary as a last resort. When hearing loss goes untreated, communication isn’t the only consequence. People with untreated hearing loss often withdraw from family, friends, and everything they used to love to do. In addition, hearing loss has been linked to depression and dementia.

We are here to help you hear!

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