“Nearly” Invisible Hearing Aids: What You Need To Know

When you think about wearing a hearing aid, everyone’s ideal is the tiny “invisible” kind that fits snugly in your ear.

They are great because they fit deep into your ear canal and are virtually undetectable to anyone who doesn’t already know you are wearing them, and they provide very natural sound.

But is that the right solution for everyone?

Maybe. Maybe not. Tiny hearing aids are nice because others cannot see them. However, they may not be the right choice for you. You need to buy a hearing aid that meets your specific needs. Not to worry, a hearing care professional can help you figure out which hearing aid you need based off your type of hearing loss and your lifestyle preferences.

Why aren’t hearing aids one-size-fits-all?

If you have severe hearing loss, invisible hearing aids are probably not powerful enough to meet your needs. Invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids benefit people who have moderate or very little hearing loss most of all. Their small size just doesn’t provide enough space to include an uber-powerful speaker and the behind-the-ear style has a stronger ability to capture sound.

Battery Life and Invisible Hearing Aids

Keep in mind that the smaller the hearing aid, sometimes, the smaller the battery.

Invisible Hearing Aids and Fit

In-the-canal hearing aids come in various styles. Higher-end models are molded specifically to your ears and offer a tight fit. Less expensive models may not individually molded, so they may not fit as well.

Some Models May Offer Advanced Directionality

Advanced directionality means you can tell which direction the sound is coming from.  Again, because they are so small, some “nearly” invisible hearing aids don’t have the space to house more than one microphone, so we recommend that you check with your hearing care provider to get more details about this functionality.

Hearing Aids that Fit Your Needs and Budget

Our team is here to assess your needs and find the right instruments to meet them. Whether you are looking for an in-the-canal model or your hearing warrants a device with more power,  we welcome you to a free hearing assessment.

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