Custom Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears is an important part of your overall health care. There are situations that you might find yourself in where the need will arise for hearing protection to prevent noise induced hearing loss. There are different ear plugs and ear muffs that protect your ears depending on what type of loud noises you might be exposed to.

When you come in for an appointment, we will suggest the right hearing protection for you based on why you need them and what size and shape you need.

When Do You Need Ear Protection?

Loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage; however with the right hearing protection, hearing loss can be prevented.

Be mindful in these situations where noise-induced hearing loss can occur:

  • Exposure to loud machinery and other noises at work.
  • Loud power tools or machinery such as a lawn mower, electric saw, etc.
  • Music concerts.
  • Loud, explosive noises such as gun fire, fireworks or explosions.

Experts agree that continued exposure to noises at or above 85 decibels will likely lead to hearing loss. Regular conversations are usually around 60 decibels (dB). Other decibel noise examples include a lawn mower (90 dB), a chain saw (100 dB), a rock concert (115 dB) and a jet engine (140 DB). Of course, you normally won’t carry around the device that measures decibels; so as a general rule, noise can be damaging to your hearing if your ears ring afterwards, if you have to yell over the noise, or if you have trouble hearing for hours after the noise exposure.

Types of Custom Hearing Protection

There actually are different types of hearing protection depending on the type of noise you are protecting your ears from. We can help you choose the right type of protection based on the noise you are exposed to as well as the size and shape of your ears. The types of custom hearing protection we offer include:

  1. Industrial Safety: Product yourself from noise-induced hearing loss that can happen on the job. Many different work environments expose you to sudden loud noises from power tools or machinery and also long term noise that may not seem loud but over time can damage your hearing just the same. This can apply to some jobs you do around the house too; remember to protect your ears when working around the house too, this includes lawn mowers and other power tools you use at home.
  2. Digital Protection: Ear protection for hunters and gun enthusiasts. These protect your ears from the sudden, loud impulse noise of weapons fire. They are designed to allow hunters to hear clearly but activate protection when the gun is fired.
  3. Recreational Protection: Remember to get protection from your ears for recreational activities too. Riding a motorcycle, attending concerts, and other loud venues can cause noise-induced hearing loss. Even swimmers can benefit from protection that will prevent swimmer’s ear and other infections from too much water getting inside the ear.

Audiology Clinic is Here to Help You Protect Your Hearing

Here at Audiology Clinic, we are here to help you through all aspects of hearing loss including protection from it. For more information, contact us today and schedule an appointment. When you visit us, we customize every aspect of your visit, especially your hearing protection.