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Benefits of Wearing Two Hearing Instruments

Most patients – even with mild hearing loss – respond best to two aids. When one ear hears better than the other, the brain learns to favor it, leading to a false illusion that your dominant ear actually works better than it does. Two aids stimulates the brain and helps hearing overcome this.

Actually, the vast majority of people with hearing loss have difficulty with both ears, as hearing loss generally occurs gradually in both ears. In some cases wearing one hearing aid is enough, but for most people two aids provide better results than just one, especially for patients with sensorineural hearing loss.

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Studies show that unattended hearing loss can lead to insolation and depression, plus lower engagement of sound to the brain can lead to, or exasperate, dementia. Sound input from both ears improves stimulation to the temporal lobes, increasing your auditory processing and making it easier to communicate with those around you.

If you have hearing loss, let our audiologist, Dr. Gosalia discuss your hearing issues and advise if you can benefit from two aids rather than one. He will also go through the types of hearing aids and each aid’s features.

Clearer, not louder – the benefits of Binaural

The brain needs sound from both ears to compare and contrast loudness, pitch and the timing of sounds. Using two hearing aids also helps with:

  • Understanding speech
  • Locating and sounds
  • Sound recognition
  • Hearing range
  • Sound quality
  • Less demanding on the brain
  • Keeping both ears active
    Safety and awareness

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Even if you hear well, getting an assessment provides an important baseline to compare against with future testing. Learn more about binaural hearing, and if you could benefit from hearing aids by speaking with the experts at Audiology Clinic, Inc. in Vancouver.


I just wanted to take a quick second to thank you so much for your hard work on my father’s hearing aids! He came home from his adjustment appointment last week as happy as could be and so very impressed with you and your office – not to mention how pleased he is with his hearing aids. You have significantly improved my entire family’s quality of life, and for that we very much thank you!"

— Lauren

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