Helping a Loved One Who is Resisting Help

When you recognize that a loved one has hearing loss, of course, you want her to seek help immediately. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Some people with hearing loss think that they can cope with it on their own, and others are resistant to the idea of hearing aids. Other reasons for resisting help for hearing loss can include denial, vanity, or a resistance to change. No matter the reason, the fact remains that hearing loss doesn’t get better; in fact, it usually continues to worsen over time. Besides not being able to communicate well, other effects of hearing loss include isolation, anxiety, frustration, depression, and even dementia. Audiology Clinic is here to walk you through how to help a loved one who is resisting help.

Tough Love

If you have already tried to convince your loved one to go to an audiology clinic for a hearing assessment, and they keep resisting your help, it may be time for some tough love. Although it is hard, it is better than watching a loved one’s declining mental health along with any changes to their social life. If you don’t help them get through conversations – with social queues or reminders, they may need to take action themselves and get their hearing assessed.

Here are some “tough love” tactics to try to help your loved one with hearing loss:

  • Don’t continue repeating yourself when he or she can’t hear you.
  • Don’t speak louder than normal.
  • Don’t play the “he said, she said” game by relaying messages your loved one didn’t hear.
  • Don’t act as a phone interpreter if they can’t hear on the phone, this will show them they need help with a listening device for the phone.

Be Patient

Convincing your loved one that they need help and to stop resisting can take some time and you might need to try a few different tactics. Offer to help them schedule an appointment for a hearing assessment just so that a hearing professional can let them know if they need help and what the options are. You can offer to go with them to the audiology clinic. Remind your loved one that they have nothing to lose but can gain so much by seeing a hearing professional.

Audiology Clinic is Here to Help You Help Your Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

Here at Audiology Clinic, we are here to help you through all aspects of hearing loss. This extends to the family of our patients and helping them help a loved one who is resisting help. For more information, contact us today and schedule an appointment.