“Realistic” Expectations for (New) Hearing Aid Users

Hearing aids are great devices that help many people hear well despite hearing loss. Getting used to them may take a little bit of patience and practice. Some people get used to them faster than others. For most people, it just takes a few weeks to grow accustomed to the new soundscape. In rare cases, it may take several months to adjust to new hearing aids.

Remember, if you are having any difficulties adjusting to your new hearing aids, call us right away and we can answer questions for you over the phone, or have you come in to the office so that we can evaluate what is happening. We are here to help you know what expectations you should have for your new hearing aids.

What Is Happening When You Get Hearing Aids?

Your brain has to get used to hearing sounds again, and it may have been a while since it has heard these types of sounds. For some, the brain needs to re-learn how to process sounds after many years of near-silence, and it can take some time to re-acclimate to hearing again. In addition to that, hearing aids offer different settings and features, sometimes including directional microphones and background noise dampeners that also make processing sounds different than before. When you purchase hearing aids, we go through all aspects of your individual devices, but it may take a “refresher” to learn all the features. We are happy to help.

5 Things to Expect when You Start Wearing Your Hearing Aids

  1. For first time users, you may be overwhelmed by a host of sounds that you haven’t heard in a long time, including your own voice.
  2. Keep in mind that you can turn down the volume (or have our professionals adjust it for you) while you get used to hearing the wide range of sounds again. Then slowly raise the volume as you get used to them.
  3. Voice your concerns if you need help adjusting and adapting.
  4. Remember that you will become more comfortable over time.
  5. Don’t miss your follow up appointments with your hearing care professional. That way we can make sure that your hearing aid setting are correct and your devices are working properly for you.

Tips to Help You Adjust to Your New Hearing Aids

  • Start Slow: When you first start wearing your hearing aids, combat that overwhelming feeling by planning to be a quiet environment so that your ears can adapt to how the noises are being amplified through your hearing aids.
  • Don’t Wear Your Hearing Aids All Day: At first, take some breaks throughout the day and gradually increase the time you wear them day by day.
  • Set Realistic Goals: That being said, don’t expect that you will pop your hearing aids in and automatically be used to them. Set some hearing and listening goals over weeks or months. Track your progress and keep an eye on the end goal: hearing great again in every aspect of your life.
  • Practice with Family and Friends: As you are first getting used to your hearing aids have your friends and family help you out with conversations and gradually move to different environments that require different listening.
  • Get Rest: Your hearing is a process of your brain and your brain can feel fatigued as it is processing these sounds as new again. Be sure to stay rested so that your brain can take on the challenge of processing sounds differently through your hearing aids.

Audiology Clinic Specializes in Solutions for All Types of Hearing Loss

At Audiology Clinic, we are here to help you through all aspects of hearing loss. For more information, contact us today and schedule an appointment. When you visit us, we work with you so you can get used to your new hearing aids. If you are having any trouble getting used to your new hearing aids, give us a call and we will guide you through the process.